1974 AFC Playoffs

It was crazy how they did the playoffs back in 1974, however, to ensure statistical accuracy the playoff system for this replay was as follows:

Divisional Round (Semifinals). The two best division winners met and the wildcard team faced the team with the third best division record. Home field for the two best division winners was determined by the following rotation: AFC-West, Central, and East.  The wildcard team can never play a division opponent until the championship round and is always the visiting team.

Championship Round.  If both home teams won in the divisional round, adhere to the above rotation to determine who will host the game.  However, if the division winner that had to play on the road in the divisional round won, then that team will automatically host the championship game.  If the wildcard team won in the divisional round, then the division winner that advanced to the championship game will automatically host the game.

Divisional Round

Denver Broncos @ New York Jets  


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Oakland Raiders


Conference Championship

Denver Broncos @ Pittsburgh Steelers



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