Overview of Basic Set

The new Basic Set is not what you remember it to be. The old Basic Set had 34 cards, and contained the most-used players. With the set, you got all of the starters, and most of the back-ups. For most people, the Basic Set was fine.   But, if you really wanted extra flexibility, you could always purchase the XF set, which added another six players per team (at an additional cost, of course), bringing your total up to 40. So, 40 cards per team was the maximum amount that you could ever have, at least until the 2014 season.

As of 2014, APBA changed its season set plan. At first glance you will notice that the new Basic Set, as a rule, no longer provides cards for linemen. In fact, the set does not provide a card for any player if they didn’t pass/run/kick/or return the ball in some fashion, or another.

Notice, I didn’t say “catch” the ball. A receiver, such as Dez Bryant, doesn’t receive a card if all he did was catch it. This caused a huge stir during the 2014 season, but since then, many have adjusted to the concept. It seemed very weird, indeed, that a seldom known receiver on the team like Dwayne Harris, who rushed for four times for 7 yards and who only caught 7 passes all year, would get a card when a super star receiver like Dez Bryant who caught 88 passes would not. But, that is how it is set up.

So, how many cards do you get with the Basic Set? Well, with the current 2016-17 season, you get 751 cards. Notice also, I said cards, not players. Some players actually have two cards, but we will address that a little later.

The cost for the Basic set it $70.

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