Revised Solitaire System (Doug Reese)

Doug Reese is a contributor to this site and an avid APBA Football player. He just sent me his completely revised offensive and defensive charts for his popular solitaire system. Just click on below link to go to his original post to review his instructions and new charts.


3 thoughts on “Revised Solitaire System (Doug Reese)

  1. found your version 3 charts and instructions would like to know what the small matrix at the bottom of the Offensive play chart is used for, if anything.. The top of the matrix reads: Form/Play Def./Blitz Dice Roll and down is Pass-Rush Modifier , etc.
    I notice that these values can be changed. Are these just references for your own use or they effecting something on your charts? Can you please explain what the numbers in each box represent. Thanks

  2. figured the chart out as well. slow learner. I probably shouldn’t be leaving these comments here either. Anyway ,will will be using both the O and D charts in some fashion with next replay . Like the idea of the the charts calling the offense and the player calling his own defenses. Most players like to be the offensive coordinator

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