Standings, Team & Individual Statistics

Attached are the final season standings, team and individual stats for the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL). In the team offense tab, scroll to the far right to compare each teams actual “Yard per Game” versus the replay to determine which teams are over/under achieving or spot-on, however, ensure the correct total of games played is typed into cell B1 in the Passing tab. Also, compare the replay against the actual league average for all statistical categories (first downs, rushing attempts, pass completions, etc).

Note: The Kick return statistics are low because of an error on my part.  After reviewing some old documents created by Mark Zarb, I noticed the following excerpt:  When playing with pre-1974 card sets, subtract 5 yards on all kick-offs, unless of course the boards indicate touchback.

Cells highlighted in yellow indicate I was unable to locate the actual statistic.

1967 NFL          1967 AFL

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  1. I want to know how Johnny Unitas performed. The page indicates “individual statistics” as well as team, but I cannot find it.

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