Overview of Jumbo Set

But, if there are 751 cards in the Basic Set, how many of them are in the Jumbo Set? The Jumbo Set is like the old card set that you remember, but it now contains EVERY PLAYER who played that year. So, if that player played one down during the whole season, then he has a card. The answer to your question about how many cards the Jumbo Set has is in the current set is 2022. That averages out to about 63 cards per team, and that’s just about triple the amount of cards contained in the Basic Set. In fact, if you purchase the Jumbo Set, you get two envelopes for each team because one obviously won’t hold all of them.   But, if you desire to have a card (sometimes two) for each player, just like the good ol’ days, then the Jumbo Set is for you.

But, before you go and make your decision, let’s explore some other things.   Price: The Basic Set is listed at $70, while the Jumbo Set is double that, and is listed at $140. That’s certainly a consideration for some potential buyers.

Another potential issue could be that 2022 cards are just too many cards and can be a storage nightmare. That’s probably sacrilege to say, but 2022 players really are quite a few cards. Why would anyone want that many cards? Well, from what I have observed, many game players who play in leagues like to have a card for each player. It certainly does make it easier when that player is involved in a return, and a card wasn’t issued for him. We’ll get to that in a minute, as well. With all of the players you never have an issue with trying to establish your depth chart. You can see all of the players, and arrange them in the order that best suits you.

Basic or Jumbo Football Set

Okay, you’re getting back into APBA football, after taking a bunch of time off for real life, and you have just purchased your new game with the four teams that come with it. After playing a few games, you are now ready to buy your first set of season cards since….well, Nixon was president? Wow, that’s a long time isn’t? But, you know that APBA doesn’t change things very much, that’s for sure. You know that you will get the set of 34 cards per team with your new purchase, and then you can add the six more XF cards, if you like, and you are good to go. But, wait! APBA did change. The 34-card set is gone, and so are the XFs. What happened? Well, we are about to find out.

When purchasing cards sets, you now have two options which are called the Basic Set and Jumbo Set. Each type of set appears to appeal to certain buyer groups, and each group will insist that their set is the way to go. Over the next few days, we will explore the differences between the two sets.