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Having played the great game of APBA Football for several years, I wanted to share “Lesson Learned” from numerous replays.  First, preparation is the key to conducting a replay and I wanted to share how I do it. Secondly, I wanted to identify a few individuals whose tremendous innovations have greatly increased the statistical accuracy of the game on both sides of the ball.  Finally, I wanted to communicate a “Method of Play” which renders outstanding results and can be completed in less than 2-hours.

Current “Hybrid Method of Play”

Hybrid Method of Play (Fletch67)

Tips for Preparing for a Replay (Using automated locators)



Tips for Playing with Dice Only (Without automated locators)



apba-football-tutorial-rev-c1  (PDF Version)

Tips for Using Innovations

Blitzing Alternative



Yard per Catch (YPC)

26 thoughts on “Method of Play

  1. This is amazing. You could teach a semester-long master class on this game, I’m sure. Great work, Oguard, and thank you for sharing. I will make this website one of my regular stops!


  2. Greg and Mark: Been thinking for a while that it would be fun and highly informative to interview you regarding your history with APBA football. If you’d be interested, I can set up the conference call. I’d like to feature something on the Facebook page.


  3. Hi Greg, Mel Wegman put me onto your site thru the APBA Facebook group. I’ve just received my first copy of APBA football, thanks for get started guide it’ll be a great help tonight when I kick off. Living in the UK it’s difficult getting decent NFL replay games so I’m quite excited!

  4. I’m getting to grips with the game rules first and playing with the teams that were in the basic set. My heroes were Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen and Montana so I guess it’ll be late 80’s

  5. I grew up on Statis Pro Football and while I love the game I’ve been in search of that “perfect replay” game as well. I’ve tried many. Pro Football Fantasm, Strat-o-matic, Second Season. All have their strong points, but I still feel like I’m looking for that perfect system. So glad I stumbled onto this. I need to get APBA next so I can run through it solo and see if that’s what I’m looking for. Great site!!!!

  6. Thanks, I’m in week 8 of 9 right now just using the basic game with pass, run. standard defense as I never could quite figure out the best way to have the D blitz, key, double, or change formations. Your site is giving me lots of ideas of motivation to use the master game next replay. I’ll most likely want to pick your brain a bit before beginning.

  7. Outstanding work! Going to need my degree and my Masters degree to sort through all this materiel, LOL! Greg, Help! 🙂

  8. I just found some of your ways to play on YouTube. The excel program to play the season is that a program you install or is it created through excel? I always had a hard time playing solitaire so I kind of lost interest. You have peaked my interest again.

  9. Hi Greg I saw the excel sheet you use and is it possible to get some advice on how to go about one for myself or possibly get me set up ? Would be greatly appreciated

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