APBA Football 101 (Table of Contents)

The following video clips have been created to teach a person how to play APBA Football using the Basic game with or without options (i.e., Alternate Defensive Chart and Defensive Play Calling Card). I have not captured every single scenario which could occur during a course of the game, but hopefully these videos provided sufficient familiarity with the various play boards to allow the gamer to be successful and enjoy this great game.

    • Background
      • Introduction
      • Determining Indexes
      • Play Cards and Defensive Alignment
      • Timing, Pro-Set, and Defensive Formations
      • Substituting (Third & Long Situation)
      • Injuries
  • Kicking Game
    • Kicker’s Card
    • Intro to Kickoffs
    • Kick Return
    • Punt and Punt Returns
    • Field Goals
  • Run Game
    • Understanding a RB Card
    • Sole Run Play
    • Run Play – Alternate Defensive Chart
    • Run Play – Defensive Play Calling Card
  • Pass Game
    • Understanding Receiver’s Grades
    • Pass Play – Alternate Defensive Chart
    • Pass Play – Defensive Play Calling Card
    • QB Scramble
    • Sack
  • Turnovers
    • Interceptions
    • Fumbles

APBA Football 101 (Third Down & Long Situation)

Demonstrated how to substitute to a “Three-Wide Receiver” set on a third down and long situation. I removed my fullback, Bruce Miller, and inserted my backup wide receiver, Randy Moss, into the 011 position. Verified San Francisco’s offensive points did not change with the substitution. Observed how intended receiver’s grade raised the offensive index for this play.