“Happy Veterans” Day

I would like to wish all my fellow servicemembers a “Happy Veterans” Day and thank you for your service to our nation. The below photo was my Basic Training picture taken back in 1983 when I was just a 20-year-old kid. Since I read in the APBA newsletter about the upcoming release of the “83” card set, I think it’s only fitting that this will be my next replay project.

“Legends of the Game” Interview

Anyone who has been around APBA Football for the past ten years or more are quite familiar with Mr. Geoff Giordano. Geoff was the founder of the original APBA Football Facebook group and had a huge following prior to his hiatus from the hobby. Well Geoff is back in the fold and rebooted his APBA Football Club on Facebook with his “Legends of the Game” interview series. It was wonderful reconnecting with my old friend during the past week’s interview.


“Playing a Legend”

I was going through some old photos and came across the below photo of Roy Langhans and me playing a Face-to-Face Football game at the 2019 APBA Convention. Roy is APBA royalty, without question, if there was a Mount Rushmore of APBA, his face would be on it. He is a first-class gentleman, who carries himself with grace and kindness. I will never forget the first time that I met him, it was at my first convention. These were still the days when there was only a baseball tournament at the convention and I am purely a football guy. I hear a voice behind me saying “Hey, Oguard” and I turnaround to see Roy introducing himself.  He reaches in his pocket and removes this old football scoresheet from his college days and provides me the back story. It was hilarious and proved to be an excellent icebreaker because from that moment I felt at home.

The game that we played was between the 1993 Miami Dolphins and the 1993 New York Jets. Now, Roy is an original APBA Hall of Famer who is proficient in every game the company ever produced. He has Dan Marino and he opens up the first couple series with a “2-Tight End” formation and roasting me with screen passes. Needless to say, he had me reeling at first, but I have learned my lessons over the years from Greg Wells and adjusted accordingly. It was three hours of pure bliss!

Hopefully, the convention will resume next year and for those of you that never attended, I highly encourage you to do so.

Roy Langhans

“Double Take: An APBA Gaming Podcast” Interview

Kirk and Kevin Weber, founders of “Double Take: An APBA Gaming Podcast” were kind enough to request an interview with me to talk APBA Football. It was a great time and I greatly appreciated being on their show.

Their podcast is available on all the major podcast platforms and apps. One would just need to search for Double Take: An APBA Gaming Podcast. The app I used to listen to the below episode was Anchor.

Both of these gentlemen are a class act who produce a first-rate product that I will listen to moving forward. Thanks again for the opportunity to be on your show!


“Punting Power”

On September 9th, 1969, Steve O’Neal of the New York Jets boomed a 98-yard punt at Denver that most likely will stand the test of time as the longest punt in professional football history. It most certainly will on all our tabletops unless the boards get revised.

Throughout my current replay of the 2015 NFL season, I am frequently amazed at these modern-day punter’s ability to “flip the field” with booming punts. In a game that I replayed yesterday between the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons, Matthew Bosher of the Atlanta Falcons, booted a 91-yard punt. After reviewing all my replays, this punt stands as the longest to ever occur on my tabletop.

Professional football players are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before and the statistics over the years reflect that. In addition, rule changes have resulted in even more offense and scoring. Having replayed several seasons from a wide array of eras, the one area that has usually remained the same in overall production has been punting up until now.

I decided to do some research to see if today’s punters kick the ball farther or if it was just my imagination. First, I wanted to rule out that punter’s cards were not correctly calculated. The actual 2015 NFL league average per punt was 45.1 yards and my replay after 204 games is 45.4 yards per punt resulting in zero issue on card construction.

In the below chart, you will notice I used replay seasons from the past six decades and qualified punters from my 2015 NFL replay. The mean average for “long” punts was 62.6 for 1966 thru 2002. The mean average for my 2015 NFL replay is 72.1 which is 9.5 yards farther. Nearly a ten-yard difference is a big disparity and demonstrates what a weapon today’s punters are in the field position battle.

Punting History

“Thanksgiving Memories”

As my 2015 NFL replay gets ready for the Thanksgiving slot of games, I couldn’t help but think of the wonderful day my best friend, Mark Zarb, and I had together watching those games, enjoying Becky’s turkey and having a few drinks. It was a treat to be able to grill out a “cowboy cut ribeyes” on Black Friday but unfortunately I had to cut the trip short and fly down to Florida to deal with my ailing mother. The below picture was from the previous Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving (Mark and Greg)

“Special Thanks” to Keith Medeiros

I want to thank my friend and fellow APBA Football guy, Keith Medeiros, for reaching out to check on my welfare and see if I was interested in one of his great looking shirts that he designed. Of course, I had to have one and greatly appreciate Keith thinking of me. I’m unaware if Keith has a desire to go full production but I wanted to show off his shirts.


APBA Shirt 1

APBA Convention

I will be departing for the APBA Convention so my 1993 NFL Replay and the daily “Legends of the Tabletop” cards will be on hold until my return. For those you who enjoy this great hobby, I highly recommend that you attend one of these events. To quote fellow Hall of Famer, Johnny Cochrane, “The APBA community is like family”.