Tweaks to Existing Innovations & Introducing a New One

For several years now, Mark Zarb and I have corroborated numerous innovations and ideas with regard to APBA Football. Mark is the “brains”, he comes up with the conceptual ideas and transforms them into procedures or innovations. I apply those ideas/innovations to my replays to determine the effectiveness. Now, that Mark is playing full-time, we have double the data points to determine if it “works or not”.

The primary reason I replayed the 1969 AFL season was to be able to compare the statistics of the two replays. The following is the four objectives that I evaluated:

Objective 1. Assess adjustment to Fletch67 defensive ratings and Key against the Run.

Objective 2. Assess change to Double Coverage (Keying) formula for both Neutral and Situational downs.

Objective 3. Assess if change to “Situational Down and Distance” chart affected opponent’s ability to convert third down.

Objective 4. Assess frequency and playability of new “Pass Rush Impact” innovation.

Test Report 



Managing the Kicking Game during a Season Replay

For someone who prides himself in doing first-class replays, I’ve been extremely laissez-faire in how I manage the kicking game. That stops immediately, I will incorporate the following actions into the final preparation phase for my upcoming 2002 NFL replay:

  • All teams will attempt a field goal once they reach their opponent’s 32-yard line (49-yard field goal attempt or less) unless the game situation dictates going for it on fourth down.
  • Each team’s kicker, attempts past 50-yards and actual long will be listed and tracked in team locators.
  • Kicker‘s will BE allowed to attempt a kick past their actual long but not exceed their actual attempts past 50-yards.

1984 Philadelphia Stars vs 1974 Birmingham Americans

Yesterday I received the nicest surprise in the mail, a care package from my dear friend, Mr. Dave Urban. He was kind enough to send me his 1974 Birmingham Americans from the World Football League (WFL) and the 1984 Philadelphia Stars from the United States Football League (USFL). I’ve always wanted to play a game with his cards and now I can’t wait to kick this game off.