I wrote this “How To” article back in 1996, but at least as of this posting, it is still relevant to anyone playing the game. I believe the last versions were 8 for the DOS Game, and 2 for the Windows Game…

By the way, for those interested in such things, the DOS Version 8 Game is actually more advanced as far as the game engine is concerned. The Windows 2.0 EXE was never updated past what was in the DOS Version 7 EXE.

Introducing Mr. Scott Griffin

I would like to introduce the newest “author” to the site, Mr. Scott Griffin. I first learned of Scott through his tremendous article on “How to Coach APBA Football” several years ago. Since it’s my goal to cover all aspects of APBA Football, I’ve enlisted Scott’s expertise to cover the DOS and Windows version of the game.

Scott created the AI and robot coaches for the DOS and Windows Football Games. He worked directly with the games programmer, Sam Bigger, in enhancing and improving Games version 3 thru 8. He worked with VP Jim Tinneny and President Fritz Light, on fine-tuning the football data discs in the 90’s after Fritz approached him for assistance in early 1993 because he was frustrated at the “bad fix” to the previous year’s 1991 season disc and his inability to get the 1992 season to come out right in season replays enough times to be considered a realistic product. Scott considers his greatest contribution to APBA Football to be the creation of using a Zero (“0”) in a running Backs “R” column to spread out long runs resulting in a more evenly spread out “average/typical” type fun from scrimmage. He created three Super Bowl discs for contests 1 through 30 which were distributed by APBA.

Welcome to the team Scott!