Super Bowl IV

Super Bowl IV Ticket

The 1969 AFL/NFL replay is coming to a close.  The Oakland Raiders will represent the AFL after upsetting the Kansas City Chiefs in the Championship game.  The Dallas Cowboys went to Memorial Coliseum and beat the Los Angeles Rams to advance to Super Bowl IV.

The game summary will be posted on APBA Between the Lines forum.

Super Bowl IV

1969 “Interdivisional” Playoff

In 1969, the final year of the independent AFL, a four-team playoff was held, with the second-place teams in each division playing the winner of the other division in what were called the “Interdivisional” playoffs. These playoffs were not, and are not considered to have been, “wildcard” playoffs since the two best non-division winners did not automatically qualify. (Had the 1969 playoffs been true wildcard playoffs, the Western Division’s third-place team, San Diego, would have qualified while the Eastern Division’s second-place team, Houston, would not have.) The 1969 playoffs were only the second time a major professional football league allowed teams other than the first place teams to compete in post-season playoffs (the other instance being the All-American Football Conference’s 1949 four-team playoff).