Mr. Fritz Light

Mr. Fritz Light was the guest speaker at tonight’s award ceremony. He was the head of APBA for several years after Mr. Seitz death and was the president of the division after the initial sale of APBA. He played an integral role in the development of the revised APBA Football game back in 1982 and created the football sets for several years. It was a joy to have the opportunity to thank him for the countless hours of enjoyment he provided me on the tabletop.

Annual “Football Guys” Dinner

Eight years ago, Greg Wells and I started a tradition called “Thursday Night APBA Football Guys” dinner. The inaugural dinner was just Greg and I, however, it has blossomed over the years. To receive an invite, you must have a passion for APBA Football and be a carnivore. Each dinner is always at a high-end steak house and this year’s dinner was no different. Ray Dunlap (taking this photo) organized and reserved a private room at Ruth Chris steakhouse and it was an absolute joy. At this table were seven members of the APBA Hall of Fame and I’m sitting in between Dick Moore and Mike Harlow who will be facing off in the finals of tomorrow’s APBA Football tournament.