1966 AFL/NFL Innovation Ratings

I recently received an email from an old friend who I haven’t corresponded with in several years who inquired on the Yards per Catch (YPC) and Sack and Interception ratings for 1966 season. I used these innovations during my replay but needed to create stand-alone files since they were incorporated into my team locators.

I wanted to share these two files with the rest of the APBA Football community.

1966 AFL Sack-Int Ratings & YPC

1966 NFL Sack-Int Ratings & YPC


2013 “Sack & Interception” Ratings

I thought it was appropriate to publish the “Sack & Interception” ratings for the 2013 NFL season since the last 5 videos I’ve recorded addressed the various aspects of this innovation.  I’ve used this innovation for years and have been extremely pleased with the results. 

2013 Sack and INT Rating – Final


Sack & Interception Innovation, Part II

This video clip demonstrates the negative impact the “Sack & Interception” innovation can have on a team. The 1967 Minnesota Vikings have a sack/interception rating of 13/-14. Through nine games, their interception average per game is 1.6 compared to their actual average 1.1. Their sack average per game is 2.9 compared to their actual average of 2.6.

In this example, Minnesota has a -14 interception rating.  If they intercept a pass, before awarding them with the interception, roll the dice.  If the dice roll is 11, 12, 13 or 14 the interception is negated.  If the roll is 15 thru 66 the interception stands. I didn’t clearly explain this is the below video.

“Sack & Interception” Demo

This video addresses a variety of defensive innovations highlighted by the “Sack & Interception” innovation.  I have used it for years and have been extremely pleased with the results.  During the video, I mention that the Bills actually averaged 3.1 sacks per game during the 1967 season, however, I failed to mention that they are averaging 3.1 sacks per game in my replay also.

2011 Sack & Interception Ratings

Arizona Cardinals -13 -15 11-45 (5)
Atlanta Falcons -14 11 11-51 (5)
Baltimore Ravens 13 0  
Buffalo Bills -15 12 11-54 (6)
Carolina Panthers -11 0 11-55 (5)
Chicago Bears -21 0 11-51 (5)
Cincinnati Bengals 11 -14 11-46 (6)
Cleveland Browns -13 -14 11-43 (7)
Dallas Cowboys 11 -13 11-52 (5)
Denver Broncos 12 -22 11-53 (6)
Detroit Lions -13 11 11-53 (5)
Green Bay Packers -26 13 11-52 (4)
Houston Texans 13 11  
Indianapolis Colts -11 -16 11-66 (6)
Jacksonville Jaguars 0 11  
Kansas City Chiefs -14 12 11-43 (7)
Miami Dolphins 11 -12 11-46 (5)
Minnesota Vikings 14 -23 11-63 (5)
New England Patriots -14 11 11-53 (4)
New Orleans Saints -21 -22 11-44 (5)
New York Giants 11 11  
New York Jets 0 11  
Oakland Raiders -14 0 11-36 (5)
Philadelphia Eagles 14 0  
Pittsburgh Steelers -12 0 11-41 (8)
San Diego Chargers -13 0 11-53 (6)
San Francisco 49ers -11 12 11-44 (6)
Seattle Seahawks -22 12 11-46 (6)
St.Louis Rams 11 -11 11-51 (6)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -23 11 11-53 (6)
Tennessee Titans -25 -14 11-53 (6)
Washington Redskins 11 -13 11-51 (6)

Sack & Interception Procedures/Ratings

Each team has a SACK AND INTERCEPTION RATING, for that respective team’s defense.  The rating is either +, – or neutral.  A (+) rating means the team had more than average, a (–) rating means the team had less than the average and a (0) rating means the team is right on average.

A team with a negative interception rating would roll the dice and check it’s rating whenever an interception comes up. If the roll is within range (i.e. less than or equal to the rating following the (–)) then the pass is not intercepted (procedures to determine whether the pass is complete or incomplete will follow). A defensive team with a negative sack rating would re-roll the dice whenever a sack occurs from a result of 28, 29 or 30 as well as from scrambles of less than 1 yard on play results 26 or 27. A roll of less than or equal to the rating would result in no sack. IF THE PASS IS NOT INTERCEPTED OR A SACK DOES NOT OCCUR THEN THE PASS MAY BE COMPLETE OR INCOMPLETE. RE-ROLL AND CHECK THE RATING NEXT TO THE “COMP. AGAINST” LABEL. IF THE ROLL IS WITHIN RANGE THEN THE PASS IS COMPLETE, USE THE NUMBER IN THE PARENTHESES NEXT TO THE DICE RANGE FOR THE PLAY RESULT.

Teams with a positive sack or interception rating would re-roll on play result numbers off the QB’s card of 16 thru 19, regardless of whether or not the pass is complete or incomplete. If the roll is less than or equal to the rating after the (+) then an interception has occurred (read it as result 25) or if you’re checking for a sack then a sack has occurred (read it as result 30). If outside the range then accept the original result. If a team has both positive sack and interception ratings then check for the SACK first, then if none, re-roll and check for the interception.

Mr. Mark Zarb owns the “intellectual” rights to this innovation.


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