“Class Act” – Mr. Robert Corsarie

The 2019 APBA Convention has come and gone and left me with so many wonderful memories. These range from holding on to win a “triple overtime” game against Dick Moore’s 2017 Philadelphia Eagles in my opening match of the football tourney. Dick is one of the finest gentleman you will ever meet. Winning the football tournament over my good friend, Bob Lilley’s 1966 Dallas Cowboys. Having my Steve Young moment, by finally “getting the monkey off my back” by beating one of my closet friend’s, Greg Wells, in a Face to Face (F-T-F) matchup for the first time or having the opportunity to spend three hours with iconic Roy Langhans over a F-T-F game.

With all this said, nothing can compare to the “perfect Thursday” that I spent with Mr. Bob Corsarie. I’ve corresponded with Bob for years via email and he even purchased the 1968 Mark Zarb football set from me a couple years back. Bob is a really successful guy, a real “mover and shaker” and one of the most genuine human beings that I’ve ever met. We played in the semi-finals match and I lucked out when on the final play of the game, Stephen Gostkowski from the 2011 New England Patriots, lined up to kick the go-ahead, 38-yard FG on the final play of the game but the play result was “NG TM” and the penalty dice roll was against the offense. What can I say, the APBA Football gods finally smiled on Oguard62! While shaking hands, I told him, “We just played checkers now let’s play chess”. For the next couple hours, I taught Bob the intricacies of the finest F-T-F football game in the world, APBA Football Master Addition. Bob’s head might have been swimming in the first half, but, he is a quick study and the second half was a real battle with his beloved Patriots winning on the final play of the game. We closed out a perfect day with a steak dinner and a few drinks at a high-end restaurant. Bob, thank you for your time and the great memories!

Bob Corsarie & Oguard62