Paul Dylan’s “The Player’s Club”

Paul Dylan (Official Football Guide)

Mr. Paul Dylan is the founder of, it’s a blog dedicated to tabletop sports. Paul has recently begun publishing a quarterly magazine were his primary goal is to reflect the state of the hobby today. Since he is well respected throughout the gaming community, he has access to heads of gaming companies (i.e., John Herson from APBA Games, Tim Plum of PT games, etc.) for interviews, discusses and ranks various sport simulation games, and interacts with tabletop gamers via his “MailBag”. I purchased his second issue since his theme was “Your Source for Everything You Need to Know about Tabletop Football Simulations” and I must say it was the best nine dollars I’ve ever spent. I thoroughly enjoyed reading my friend, Geoff Giordano’s, insightful piece on the History of Tabletop Football Games and was shocked and honored to see my name in The Player’s Club.    


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