APBA Pro Football Replays


I’ve used the APBA Football Master game to replay several seasons.  The Master game provides the “ebb and flow” of an actual contest and allows the “coach” the opportunity to deploy multiple personnel packages to mirror today’s game or the single platoon system of yesteryear. On numerous occasions, I’ve matched team records and have come extremely close to replicating team and individual statistics.

My purpose for creating this blog is to present my current and previous replays, offer “method of play” alternatives, share innovations, provide tools for evaluating individual cards, post links and informational tips to assist with preparing for and conducting season replays.     

For any APBA Football related questions, feel free to contact me at Oguard62@yahoo.com.       

 APBA Football Cover

Audible on Pass Down

Demonstrate an audible on a third and long (8 or more yards) situation.  Offense was in a 3WR set vs a dime defense resulting in the reduction rule. The called play was a medium pass. I only allow a key (double coverage) or blitz when the defense is in “D” alignment, however, an audible can occur against all defensive alignments (D, S, or G).

Oguard62’s Tabletop

Going down memory lane, my first replay was the 1968 AFL season using a card set that I purchased on EBAY from some stranger named, Mark Zarb. I followed that up with a replays of the 2006 AFC, 1967 AFL, 1974 AFC, 1968 AFL (again), 1997 Green Bay Packers – Denver Broncos (mini replay), 1968 NY Jets – Baltimore Colts (mini-replay), 2007 New England Patriots – NY Giants (mini-replay), 2008 AFC, and finally 1981 NFL replay. During this time period I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a thread by a fellow named, Jim Fraasch, who was selling customized APBA envelopes. Needless to say, Jim’s envelopes have been gracing my table top for the last 10 years and I’m proud to call Jim a friend. It was during my 2011 NFL replay that I came across a two different threads that completely changed the appearance of my tabletop. The first thread was by a gentleman named, Grant Baker, who created all the modern NFL fields. The second thread was pure gold, Art Hall did the graphic design of fields ranging from the 1960s to late 1990s in all different weather conditions. Art and I routinely email and I consider him a friend. I was determined to transform these images into an APBA style football field. Well after several failed attempts and multiple print and sign shops later, I finally had a prototype. From that moment on my tabletop never was the same. Oh, and that stranger I mentioned earlier, has become family and is the beneficiary in my will for all my fields and NY Jets memorabilia (no joke).

On the sidebar directly under the search field, is a new widget titled “Oguard62’s Tabletop”. I’ve posted images of the envelopes and fields that have been used during the following replays: 2011 NFL, 1967 AFL/NFL, 1985 NFL, 1969 AFL/NFL, 1999 NFL, 1998 NFL and vintage fields from yesteryear.