1981 Week 8 Stats

1981 Week 8 Stats1981 Week 8 Standings

I’ve reached the halfway point in the season. I’ve also attached a PDF of some of the statistical leaders as well as the standings above and the Week 7 and 8 results.

I’m using this replay to test a number of innovations that I have wanted to try.

One of those innovations was to try to implement a home field advantage. I’ve done that by simply adding two points to the home offensive rating and also adding two points to the home defensive rating. I’m using Mark Zarb’s latest version of the floating index so this gives the home team an advantage that is seen in slightly better indexes on both sides of the ball. At the halfway point in my replay home teams have a 70-42 record. In real life after 8 weeks home teams were 73-38-1. So I’m happy with that innovation so far.

I’m also using my own YPC ratings. I’m deeming that one a success so far too. The passing numbers are slightly higher than actual but I don’t think the YPC innovation is to blame.

Thanks for following along.