Guide for Statisticians

No matter how many years experience a person has played APBA Football, a situation occurs that makes the person playing “scratch his/her head” and wonder how to handle it.  For instance, you roll the rare play where the QB mishandles the snap and the ball bounces in the air and is eventually recovered by a teammate X-amount of yards behind the line of scrimmage.  How would you score this?  If you said, this is an aborted play and the QB gets one rush for no yards, a fumble, and minus x-amount of yards as fumble yardage, you would be correct. Below are common examples that occur quite frequently, would you know how to score these?

  • With ball on opponent’s 30, running back rushes to 20, where he is tackled and fumbles. He recovers on the 25 and advances to the 21.
  • If a kickoff goes out of bounds, do you penalize the kicking team and if so, how many yards?
  • It’s 3rd and goal from the 2 and the running back scores a TD, would you award the offense a first down and score it as a successful third down conversion?

The answer to the above questions and countless others are addressed in the Guide for Statisticians.  A while back, a gentleman on APBA BTL was kind enough to post this document.  I wish I knew his name to not only give him credit but to thank him so much for this invaluable tool.  Without a doubt, this document is mandatory for anyone who is passionate about playing APBA Football. Enjoy!!