Mark DerGarabedian

I’ve been corresponding with Mark DerGarabedian via email, message boards and phone calls since the fall of 2012. Finally, yesterday we had the opportunity to spend the day together over a couple of grilled ribeyes, some beer and wine and of course – APBA Football. Mark is just another shining example of the high-quality individuals who are associated with this great hobby of ours!

Mark D

“Ring of Honor”

Thanks to my very good friend, Mark DerGarabedian, Oguard62’s jersey has been placed in the “Ring of Honor” of Met Lift Stadium and every other APBA Football stadium for that matter. Check out the photo of the great stadium he has designed/created, his attention to detail is mind blowing. In addition, watch his promo video introducing the halftime induction ceremony. Great Stuff!!!
Oguard62 Ring of Honor

Mark DerGarabedian “Line Changes” Simplified

Sometimes I believe it’s best just to provide a person’s quote to sum up a situation. In the words of my good friend, Mark DerGarabedian.  “Simple goal of this sheet – help a new person adjust the line changes correctly. I don’t think the game should be enjoyed by only those who have played a long time and know this stuff as second nature. Need to have some helpful aids for new players too, in my view”

Copy of APBA Football O vs D adjustment chart.

Method of Play “Quick Reference” Chart

Mark DerGarabedian created a Quick Reference (tab 8.5 X 14) chart which captures my entire “Method of Play” for neutral and situational downs.  After several joint reviews, I feel that it accurately depicts how I currently play a game.  In addition, Mark created another file (tab dd) which clarifies the difference between neutral and situational downs. Also, it lets you know when an audible can come into play.  This file is just another example of the lengths my friend goes through to assist the APBA Football community.

Copy of apba football greg barath (final)

2012 Allocation Tables for Receptions, Sacks & Interceptions

My dear friend, Mark DerGarabedian, is at it again.  He was kind enough to share his latest creation.  He has used Phil Molloy’s “Dice Range Calculator” and created allocation ratings for receivers and defenders based off their actual statistics. He also included a “Rushing Attempt” breakout by percentage for each team. In addition, he listed the starting offensive and defensive platoons and there point ratings.  The artwork and workmanship is tremendous!!!  After reviewing both documents it made me want to replay the season.

APBA FOOTBALL receiver chart 2          APBA FOOTBALL receiving-int-sacks 2

Mark DerGarabedian Revised Boards

Mark DerGarabedian was kind enough to share his completed version of the APBA Football Basic boards.  The level of effort and attention to detail that was required to complete this project is extremely impressive.  Mark organized the play result boards by field position, it will be interesting comparing his “work of art” against the game company’s upcoming release of the retooled “Football” game.  Tremendous Job!!


Mark Dergarabedian’s Latest Refinements

Mark Dergarabedian is continuously refining his method of play and his “stadium-style” setup.  To streamline his process, he purchased additional colored dice and implemented a “one roll” method versus multiple.

  • The APBA red/white dice are used for play result
  • Blue dice determine Offense Index
  • Black dice determine Defense Index
  • Green dice identify the intended receiver

In addition, he improved his “stats template” and monitors draws and screen passes plays (4 per game) by annotating the “d” and “s” section.

DerGarabedian Files

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