“Ring of Honor”

Thanks to my very good friend, Mark DerGarabedian, Oguard62’s jersey has been placed in the “Ring of Honor” of Met Lift Stadium and every other APBA Football stadium for that matter. Check out the photo of the great stadium he has designed/created, his attention to detail is mind blowing. In addition, watch his promo video introducing the halftime induction ceremony. Great Stuff!!!
Oguard62 Ring of Honor

4 thoughts on ““Ring of Honor”

  1. That is too funny – that was my original major in college; but I changed it to business administration with an option in marketing. I had a 5 minute daily sports report on Fresno State’s radio station (that no one listened to), and I did some very minor play by play for Fresno State football, baseball and basketball; even did a few high school tv football games a looooooooong time ago. Again; that no one listened to or watched? I interned at a TV station and realized that while I loved being at the games (there’s a part of me that still feels I could call a game if an amateur night ever existed), but I actually got bored with all of the tape editing, etc. I have a great friend; lifelong who is a sportscaster in Denver that I met in Fresno; he’s been the main sports anchor there for many years now. He also spent time in Tampa, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. He was cool enough to send us confetti from the field after the Hawks won the SB last year over Denver; as he was out there covering it. Football season is right around the corner!!!

  2. Well deserved, I for one appreciate all the help you have given me over the years, both coaching APBA football and coaching 10 year olds.

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