2012 Allocation Tables for Receptions, Sacks & Interceptions

My dear friend, Mark DerGarabedian, is at it again.  He was kind enough to share his latest creation.  He has used Phil Molloy’s “Dice Range Calculator” and created allocation ratings for receivers and defenders based off their actual statistics. He also included a “Rushing Attempt” breakout by percentage for each team. In addition, he listed the starting offensive and defensive platoons and there point ratings.  The artwork and workmanship is tremendous!!!  After reviewing both documents it made me want to replay the season.

APBA FOOTBALL receiver chart 2          APBA FOOTBALL receiving-int-sacks 2

2 thoughts on “2012 Allocation Tables for Receptions, Sacks & Interceptions

  1. Thanks for the kind words Greg. To anyone who uses these, I made them before I saw Dennis Pitta’s change to an A. So, he’s listed as a C. Just go into the file and change it to an A (both files).

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