Audible on Pass Down

Demonstrate an audible on a third and long (8 or more yards) situation.  Offense was in a 3WR set vs a dime defense resulting in the reduction rule. The called play was a medium pass. I only allow a key (double coverage) or blitz when the defense is in “D” alignment, however, an audible can occur against all defensive alignments (D, S, or G).

Game 87

Baltimore has the ball at the Kansas City 25, can they score a touchdown to tie the game or will they have to settle for a field goal attempt.

Correction: In video I mention sack is for 9-yards, however, it was only for 5-yards. I’ve adjusted stat sheet accordingly but it did not effect the outcome of the attempted field goal attempt.



APBA Football Tutorial 3.1

“In Search of the Perfect Replay” is my motto. Now, my interpretation of a perfect replay has evolved over the years but the one constant is statistical accuracy. I’ve found to achieve the best possible results the cards must be used correctly and player usage should be math-based.  Now, this methodology only applies to replays, not face-to-face play or solitaire tournament play.  In these situations, I’ve always believed the coach should select the player and call the plays.

I’ve revamped the APBA Football tutorial to reflect how I currently play the game. My current methodology ensures the best possible results in the least amount of playing time because I’ve eliminated unnecessary dice rolls. I’ve streamlined this presentation to eliminate duplication, posted updated visual images and created new video demonstrations to coincide with the “new-look” Locator spreadsheet.   The “meat and potatoes” of the presentation are explaining the usage of the Locator spreadsheet during neutral/ situational downs.

In addition, there are several minor changes throughout the presentation. For example, I’ve eliminated the “Two-Minute” section because it was slanted too much in favor of the defense and took a lot of the excitement away from the last two-minutes of a game.

In closing, I just want to reiterate there is no “right or wrong” way to play the game. This is what is best for me and I hope it’s another “tool in your toolbox”.