APBA Football Tutorial 3.1

“In Search of the Perfect Replay” is my motto. Now, my interpretation of a perfect replay has evolved over the years but the one constant is statistical accuracy. I’ve found to achieve the best possible results the cards must be used correctly and player usage should be math-based.  Now, this methodology only applies to replays, not face-to-face play or solitaire tournament play.  In these situations, I’ve always believed the coach should select the player and call the plays.

I’ve revamped the APBA Football tutorial to reflect how I currently play the game. My current methodology ensures the best possible results in the least amount of playing time because I’ve eliminated unnecessary dice rolls. I’ve streamlined this presentation to eliminate duplication, posted updated visual images and created new video demonstrations to coincide with the “new-look” Locator spreadsheet.   The “meat and potatoes” of the presentation are explaining the usage of the Locator spreadsheet during neutral/ situational downs.

In addition, there are several minor changes throughout the presentation. For example, I’ve eliminated the “Two-Minute” section because it was slanted too much in favor of the defense and took a lot of the excitement away from the last two-minutes of a game.

In closing, I just want to reiterate there is no “right or wrong” way to play the game. This is what is best for me and I hope it’s another “tool in your toolbox”.



Final Minutes

The video begins with Detroit facing a third down and 12 with just over three minutes remaining and protecting a two-point lead.  Can Gus Frerotte convert this third and long or will it fall on the Detroit defense? There is nothing like playing the Master game in a close contest in the final minutes of the game. For me, it’s almost like watching the game on the television.  Get ready for a wild ride that only APBA can take you on.

Note: On a fumbled punt d10 is the primary returner (TA) for the defense but since he is 40-yards down field and the fumble occurred 20-yards behind the line of scrimmage, I always treat it that the punter recovered the fumble.  This is my “homegrown” rule and I should have explained it during the video clip but I was too caught up in the moment.  


Game 56

What’s the old golf saying, “You can’t win the tournament on Thursday but you can lose it”.  Jake “The Snake” Plummer is 2 of 11 for 7 yards and two interceptions.  Can he lead a scoring drive or will he falter?

Note: At the end of the video clip, I placed a card down on the field and dislodged the football.  I incorrectly placed it however corrected prior to next series.

Game 50

Ragnar is blowing his horn and the 64,106 screaming fans are enjoying a 28-6 beat down of the division rival, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Trent Dilfer has been benched for ineffectiveness and Shaun King is inserted into the lineup.  Can Shaun King turn the tide and lead the Buccaneers to a scoring drive?





Master Game Addition

If you ever made a trip to APBA’s Stadium Shop to purchase card sets, game booklets, etc you would immediately see the following advertisement for the APBA Football Master Game Addition:

If you want even more strategy and control than APBA Pro Football offers, the Master Addition is for you! With its myriad of offensive formations and plays (including several trick plays), more defensive options and a wagonload of weird plays, it’s custom-made for experienced APBA Football fans who are looking for a really serious coaching challenge.. If the Master Addition were any more realistic, you’d have to wear a helmet!

This video clip is a perfect illustration of “wagonload of weird plays”.