Rivalry Game

This is a quick demonstration of an offensive series by the Washington Redskins against their hated rivals the Dallas Cowboys. Just for clarification, the third and long pass to Brian Mitchell was a called medium pass and the Redskin’s offensive point differential is +5 (pass)/+6 (run).


2 thoughts on “Rivalry Game

  1. Greg . . . .

    Your computer spreadsheet that sets the defensive alignment, the play (inside/outside/short/medium/long) and, I think, also identifies the ball carrier is a HUGE time saver. Just curious . . . . if someone did NOT have the laptop, or your computer skills, how many additional dice rolls would it take to replicate what that spreadsheet does for you with one click on the keyboard?

    Ray Dunlap

    • It would take four dice to be rolled back-to-back, I know because I did it along time. In my “Method of Play” presentation, I demonstrate how to do it strictly with dice.

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