Intro to Oguard62’s “Locator”

Oguard62 Locators

For those of you who enjoy using the “offensive index finder system” at the back of the Master game booklet and “Fletch67” to determine the defensive alignment for each play when playing solo this spreadsheet might be of interest to you. It also incorporates the “situational down and distance” chart from my “Method of Play” presentation for use during situational downs. The only preparation required, is entering each team’s “Fletch67” rating in “Input” tab. At the beginning of each series, just type in the offensive index point differential in appropriate cells and with one click you will instantly have this information. I have created several additional dice rolls to prevent having to reroll for identifying runner or intended receiver, blitzes, audibles, interceptions, fumbles or when used with innovations that require additional dice rolls. Now the only time you have to actually roll the dice is to determine the play result.

For additional information regarding this spreadsheet, please, refer to my “Visual Tutorial” presentation. In addition, this video addresses a common error committed by solo players in the passing game.

As I mention in the video, this spreadsheet was created by my close friend, Mark Zarb.


5 thoughts on “Intro to Oguard62’s “Locator”

  1. Is there anyway I can get the locator “system” you use. It would seem to speed up game play and make for a more flowing contest

  2. When you say enter Fletch67 ratings on input sheet, do you mean the grayed out boxes which would indicate dice roll ranges. So you first check the Fletch67 chart based on run and pass defense totals and enter appropriate dice roll ranges in grey boxes?

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