Blitz Alternative, Part III

This video demonstrates an alternative method for “calling an audible” and steps associated with executing a run play or screen pass against the blitz. I also discuss “gaming the system” while playing solitaire and my preventive measures.


2 thoughts on “Blitz Alternative, Part III

  1. Greg,

    Why not simply have a possible blitz call any time the Defense is in “D” alignment, whether it is a pass or run call? Example: 1st & 10 and you use the Fletch system for the defense. The offensive call is an inside run. The roll for Fletch is “bad” so your defense is aligned in “D,” thus – potential for a blitz. If you roll a 6, it’s a blitz against the run play that was called.

    Mark D. xcommish

    • Mark,

      I try to adhere APBA’s concept of blitzing as the ultimate goal is to sack the QB on a called passing play…The primary reason I wouldn’t do that is I try to limit line changes to a minimum not to skew my overall stats.

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