Convention Update

With the APBA Convention only two weeks away, I wanted to provide an update regarding the status of the 8-person, single elimination Football tournament. If I was a betting man, I would wager that there would not be one. Several people have contacted me to inquire about the tournament but it conflicts with their ability to participate in the Baseball tournament. I completely understand and my intention was never to compete with the “Official” tournament but to have some type of Football presence at the convention and there will be. I’m very excited about attending the convention and not only meeting folks that I’ve corresponded with for years either on the Delphi forums or email but to be in a room filled with people who share the same passion for APBA regardless of the game being played.

Going through this process I realize the only way to ever have an APBA Football tournament type setting is if it is the only featured event. With that being said, my appreciation of Geoff Giordano’s “APBA Football Club (AFC)” has grown ten-fold. I’ve not spoken with him but I look forward to working with him to have another AFC sponsored event for either later this year or in 2015.

In closing, this is a real good time for APBA Football fans. Beginning this year you will be able to attend the APBA Convention and have the ability to play a pickup F-T-F game, watch demos or just talk APBA Football. You will also have the ability to attend an AFC sponsored “APBA Football” type event in the near future. If you are currently not a member of the AFC, I highly recommend you visit Geoff’s site (link on blogroll) and join the team.

2 thoughts on “Convention Update

  1. Sorry to hear this, and sorry I can’t make the official tourney. I haven’t ruled out doing a football tourney this year, just likely not at Canton. I also might host an APBA barbecue at the house as a precursor to an “APBA in the Apple’ New York/New Jersey/Connecticut event. Fingers crossed you get more response for football games. I bet you, Ray, Greg W and Gilles T can recruit a few people on Sunday while the early baseball playoffs are under way and people are milling about chatting and catching up. However, it’s also a great opportunity for you four to work through some finer points of various modifications and see how they work. I still haven’t had a chance to try Ray Dunlap’s matchup system in that finally crafted packet he handed out at our Canton tournament last August.

    • Geoff…a tourney would be fun but I think it’s for the best if there isn’t one because it would allow Ray and I more opportunity to interact with folks…IMO humble opinion, I think a Football tourney should be the “only act in town” deal sponsored by the AFC.

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