2013 “Sack & Interception” Ratings

I thought it was appropriate to publish the “Sack & Interception” ratings for the 2013 NFL season since the last 5 videos I’ve recorded addressed the various aspects of this innovation.  I’ve used this innovation for years and have been extremely pleased with the results. 

2013 Sack and INT Rating – Final

Sack & Interception Procedures/Ratings

Sack & Interception Innovation, Part II

This video clip demonstrates the negative impact the “Sack & Interception” innovation can have on a team. The 1967 Minnesota Vikings have a sack/interception rating of 13/-14. Through nine games, their interception average per game is 1.6 compared to their actual average 1.1. Their sack average per game is 2.9 compared to their actual average of 2.6.

In this example, Minnesota has a -14 interception rating.  If they intercept a pass, before awarding them with the interception, roll the dice.  If the dice roll is 11, 12, 13 or 14 the interception is negated.  If the roll is 15 thru 66 the interception stands. I didn’t clearly explain this is the below video.

“Sack & Interception” Demo

This video addresses a variety of defensive innovations highlighted by the “Sack & Interception” innovation.  I have used it for years and have been extremely pleased with the results.  During the video, I mention that the Bills actually averaged 3.1 sacks per game during the 1967 season, however, I failed to mention that they are averaging 3.1 sacks per game in my replay also.