8 thoughts on “Game 21. New York at Miami

  1. As a lifelong Miami 1993 was a very bittersweet season. They were off a a 4-1 start but lost Marino in game 5. Then Scott Mitchell steps in and playss “well” enough to net a contract with the Lions, before he, too, went down with an injury. .In steps Steve DeBerg and after the Leon LEtt game on Turkey Day, Miami stood at 9-2. They then TOTALLY collapsed, as the Shula led teams seemed to do a lot in the 90s, losing 5 in a row to fall to 9-7 and out of the playoffs. The last 3 weeks of the season, when ONE win would have secured the playoffs, they gave up 47, 45 and 33 points!!! A lot of fans I know blame the Marino injury for this team not making a run at it, it sure didn’t help, but their defense was PUTRID. (As was the case more often than not from 86 until Shula retired. They did have a couple decent seasons, but overall a mess). Tom Olivadotti and Chuck Studley were clueless!!

    Interesting tidbit, Doug Pederson as on the field as the QB when Miami beat the Eagles to give Shula the all time wins record. I of course, think Shula was a GREAT coach but think he got too much of a free pass. I just missed being old enough to remember their magical 72 and 73 season. He was a pedestrian 19-17 in the postseason, losing 4 Super Bowls, all by 9 or more points. I feel his drafting was pretty mediocre overall from ’85 on. A lot of people fail to remember that Joe Thomas had most of the pieces in place when Shula came to Miami.

    Like said, he was a GREAT coach, but definitely not the best ever. I think Marv Levy OWNED him lol

    Good thing he didn’t coach today, he wouldn’t have held the DeFacto GM and head coach position for 33 years.. lol

      • Love your replays, I visit here often. I am a SOM football replayer and have completed single season Dolphins replays for 82, 83,84, 85, 90, 2012,13 and 14. I have completed FULL season replays for 1976,77,78,79 and 1990. I am about to start week 2 in my 1982 full season replay.

      • Congrats on your dedication! Also, thanks for visiting my site. Also, sorry that the 93 Dolphins appear to hate my tabletop, can’t seem to get them in the win column:)

  2. I watched a lot of your videos. How would you say APBA compares to SOM as far as SOLO play goes? I can get a full game in in just over an hour, playing SADV. There are just so many moving parts on defense…

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