Shane Gleeson’s “Play Calling” Program

CFB Play Selection

This morning I received an email from a gentleman named, David Macias, introducing a “Play Calling” program for College APBA Football. A little background, although David is a lifelong APBA Baseball guy, he recently dived into APBA Football. He hired his friend, Mr. Shane Gleeson, to create an Excel play calling program that would disperse the rushes and pass attempts realistically among the players on a team based on their real-life stats. Dave has been using it for his 2019-2020 college replays and is extremely pleased with how well it has worked. The “Play Calling’ program scrubs the Sports Reference pages for the team and individual stats and has a two-tiered decision model. Say a team runs 60% of the time, it will call for 60% run plays (or thereabouts) using the random number function. Once a run has been established, it will then look at the number of rushing attempts and dole out the carries based on the percentages each player ran the ball. David recommends employing a “common sense” manual override for situational downs. For example, always call a pass play on second down and long or on more or third and medium/long situations. He always calls a run on third or fourth down and short situations (1 or 2 yards). Just refresh the screen (pressing F9 key) until you get either the applicable pass or run call.

What I love about the program too is that he added a yearly function in there so that you can go back and pull up any year you want as well. He is nearly complete with an NFL version of this “Play Calling” system.

Mr. Shane Gleeson owns the “intellectual rights” to this innovation. I have received his permission to make this available to the public free of charge with the caveat he receives the recognition. In addition, he is available to do custom work if anyone has any ideas for upgrades to this existing program or the creation of any new project. Shane’s contact information is