6 thoughts on “APBA Football 101 (Kick Return)

  1. Greg, I’m a longtime APBA baseball player and just getting into the football game now. Thanks so much for these videos, as they’ve been a big help in breaking down the game.

    I had a question about special teams: for the basic game, and for first-time players like me, what are your recommendations around filling out special team rosters? Let’s say it happens to be a squib kick throughout the game or even an onside kick late in the game that results in a player other than the top two returners getting the ball. How should I go about quickly identifying who the kick returner is in these situations?

    • A quick and easy solution is to list all of your OC carded players with their actual number of returns listed next to there name. When the above mentioned situation occurs, just select one of those players and decrease their actuals by one. Once all OC players have reached their actual returns, just use your OA/OB carded players for all situations.

      • Thanks for the quick reply! So even if it results in “30 o2” you’d still suggest going with an OC rather than assigning the return to a defensive or offensive lineman?

  2. Hi Greg, sometimes my returners cards have this: OA OB-K or TA TB-K. With no hyphen between the OA and OB, how do I know which column to read the kick or punt result from if it goes to the primary returner?

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