4 thoughts on “APBA Football 101 (Interception)

  1. Greg – these are great. One suggestion for this segment on Interceptions – you might want to also explain (a) if the distance thrown = out of the end zone it means it’s an incomplete pass and (b) if a defender intercepts a ball in the end zone they have the option to take a knee.

  2. Please explain this particular play. Matt Ryan throws a short pass (49 yard line “A receiver”, “Deep” with PRN 35 resulting in “W58 TH.” Interception is “1d2” Penalty is H53 Twisting Face Mask. Is the penalty against, Atlanta, before the pass is thrown? after the interception? Or is it against the intercepting team, Prior to the interception? How do I read these type plays in the future? Your Web Site is amazing!

    • Ralph, It’s a three-step process. First, roll the W58 to determine potential interception spot. Second, determine which platoon was penalized, in this case it was against the defense which nullified the interception. Third, either enforce penalty yardage or roll for return. For this scenario, the defense would have been penalized 15-yards from the line of scrimmage and the offense would be awarded an automatic first down.

      • Thank you so much. After baseball since 1961 I have fallen in love with football. Flying solo. Playing 20 Super Bowl teams in a 16 game season. I hope to live long enough to see the 2007 Patriots win it all.

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