I wrote this “How To” article back in 1996, but at least as of this posting, it is still relevant to anyone playing the game. I believe the last versions were 8 for the DOS Game, and 2 for the Windows Game…

By the way, for those interested in such things, the DOS Version 8 Game is actually more advanced as far as the game engine is concerned. The Windows 2.0 EXE was never updated past what was in the DOS Version 7 EXE.

6 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY THE APBA COMPUTER FOOTBALL GAME Tips and Tricks by Scott Griffin

  1. Great info here! Any thoughts for those who play cards and dice (solitaire) for how to truly coach one team and have a “robot” coach the other. I’ve tried to make offensive play charts, etc; but I’ve never been satisfied.

  2. I too never came up with a truly satisfactory Offensive Play Calling System. There are just too many play to play variables that come up to cover in a die roll activated system.

    Best I ever did were those Robot Coaches I created for the Game that you can get from Joe Sweeney’s Robot Coach Editor. You can then assign one of them to the team you are playing against that week that most fits how you fell that team ran its offense. And that Design System in there is the exact one I created my Coaches and had installed in the Game by the Programmer Sam Bigger, so with it you can create ones you feel are even better or more like what you are looking to get out of the AI on Offense.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Thanks for the reply! How do I get in touch with Joe Sweeney for the Robot Coach Editor? Thanks again!

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