APBA Football 101 (Table of Contents)

The following video clips have been created to teach a person how to play APBA Football using the Basic game with or without options (i.e., Alternate Defensive Chart and Defensive Play Calling Card). I have not captured every single scenario which could occur during a course of the game, but hopefully these videos provided sufficient familiarity with the various play boards to allow the gamer to be successful and enjoy this great game.

    • Background
      • Introduction
      • Determining Indexes
      • Play Cards and Defensive Alignment
      • Timing, Pro-Set, and Defensive Formations
      • Substituting (Third & Long Situation)
      • Injuries
  • Kicking Game
    • Kicker’s Card
    • Intro to Kickoffs
    • Kick Return
    • Punt and Punt Returns
    • Field Goals
  • Run Game
    • Understanding a RB Card
    • Sole Run Play
    • Run Play – Alternate Defensive Chart
    • Run Play – Defensive Play Calling Card
  • Pass Game
    • Understanding Receiver’s Grades
    • Pass Play – Alternate Defensive Chart
    • Pass Play – Defensive Play Calling Card
    • QB Scramble
    • Sack
  • Turnovers
    • Interceptions
    • Fumbles

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