Punt Return & Field Goal/PAT


The starting defensive unit (d1 thru d 9) will remain on the field during punt returns. Insert player carded TA at d10 and TB at d11. If one player is carded TA/TB, insert TC at the d11 spot.  


The starting offensive line will remain on the field during all extra point or field goal attempts.  If the long snapper is carded, insert him at 04.  Make every attempt to use the actual holder at o8, if unknown, use the reserve quarterback or punter.  In the NFL, receivers are usually removed and reserve linemen enter the game at the wingback positions. However, to abide by the APBA rule that a minimum of one receiver (EB) must always be on the field, I use a reserve EB at 01.

  • o1. Wingback – 3rd EB
  • o2. Tackle
  • o3. Guard
  • o4. Long snapper or Center
  • o5. Guard
  • o6. Tackle
  • o7. Tight End
  • o8. Holder
  • o9. Tight End – Reserve
  • o10. Wingback – Reserve OT
  • o11. Kicker

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