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  1. Love following your replays. Your method of play powerpoint should be published by APBA and included with every football game they sell.

    I would appreciate your imput on a replay I’m starting. I plan on do a replay of the 1982 strike shortened season. I will play all the cancelled games, so each team will have a full 16 game season, and then play the playoffs based on these final standings. My question is on RB usage. How would you go about allocating rushing attempts. I have an idea, but I would like to hear your thoughts.

    • Gregg,

      Thanks for the kind words…First, are you in possession of the 16-game schedule? Reason I ask, is years ago I purchased one of those schedules that you could fit in your wallet for that season and would gladly give it to you if needed (and located :))…As for the RB allocation, let’s use Freeman McNeil of the Jets as an example. I would subtract all QB rushes from the team total (304-14=290) and then divide his rushing attempts into team total to determine rushing attempt percentage (151/290=52%). Next, determine team rushing attempts by dividing 9 games into 290 (32.2). Now use the team rushing attempt average (32.2) and multiply against the remaining 7 games (32.2*7=225.4) to estimate team rushing attempts for the remainder of the season. Use Freeman McNeil’s 52% and multiply against remaining 7 games attempts (0.52*225.4= 117.2). Add this number against his 9-game total to acquire his minimum amount of carries (117+151=268). Now determine 10% of the number(26.8) and add to minimum amount to determine his maximum amount of carries (268+26.8=295). Freeman McNeil range of carries would be between 268 and 295.

      • I appreciate the offer, but don’t bother looking for the schedule. It took some time, but I was able to piece together the missing games for each team on line.

        My idea for allocating rushes was use football-reference.com and look at the rushes per game for each carded player on each team. This woud be their “R number”. Then use the QB Sack/Int/Receiver indicator columns to determine who gets the ball. This way, if the dice determine it is the 2nd string HB who should get the ball, he gets the rush, and I don’t have to try to plug in substitution for RB’s on running plays. I figured I’d try this for the first 3-4 weeks and see how the allocations look, and then make any adjustments from there.

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