1981 Card Set Evaluation

I often get asked, what was the best card set that I ever played with?  The answer for me is easy; it was Mark Zarb’s 1981 set.  The AFC graded out at 3.8 and the NFC 3.6 to earn an overall rating of 3.7.  This is a prime example where there numbers don’t tell the whole story.  It requires an “excellent” rating in both the offensive and defensive category to receive an overall “excellent” rating.  There were eight “excellent” ratings on the AFC side and six on the NFC side.  To me the most important single categories in judging a set is “Net Yards Gained (Pass/Rush) followed by QB completion percentage and Average per Gain (Rush).  This set received “excellent” ratings in 2 out of 3 of the above mentioned categories for both the AFC and NFC.  A total of 102 categories were evaluated.   

1981 AFC Card Set Evaluation     1981 NFC Card Set Evaluation

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