1967 AFL/NFL Replay

A while back, I was reading a thread on “Between the Lines” regarding replaying complete seasons. After offering my two-cents worth, I read the below post from Ed (Cavalier73):

You may find this odd, but the answer for me has always been to play “more” games.

I always keep multiple projects going at once, rotating between them either by schedule day or a certain number of games.

Keeps me from getting board, as toward the end of one day or block, I always look forward to starting the other.

I’d also suggest that in doing this, picking a set from a completely different era.

I know that sounds like a strange answer, but I firmly believe it has helped keep my 1979 replay alive now through about 1110 games, while dabbling in various other projects.”

After re-reading it and giving it some thought, I realized how right he was. I would like to thank Ed for his “pearls of wisdom”. So I selected the 1967 season created by my dear friend, Mark Zarb, for my alternative replay. I’ve begun my 1967 AFL/NFL replay and will periodically pick at it while working full-time on completing my 2011 NFL replay.
Although I’ve already accomplished the AFL replay several years back, I’m looking forward to incorporating “Lessons Learned” while simultaneously replaying the AFL (63 games) and NFL (118 games) weekly schedules and post-season.
Although sacks and quarterback ratings were not “official” statistics yet, I will be incorporating them into this replay. How could a person not what to know how many times Deacon Jones “sacked” the opposing quarterback?

2 thoughts on “1967 AFL/NFL Replay

  1. Makes good sense, switching gears and “cleansing the palette” by switching eras. Looking forward to this one!

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