Shea Stadium Inaugural Game

Mark Zarb carded the 1972 NFL season and is currently doing a tremendous job replaying this campaign. As a token of my appreciation, I had Shea Stadium re-created to mirror its appearance of the late 60’s and early 70’s. The above photo is overhead shot of his table-top moments before kickoff of the October 5th, 1972 game between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. If curious, the multi-colored charts are re-keyed from the Master Game booklet.

For most of the Jets’ tenure at Shea, they were burdened by onerous lease terms imposed at the insistence of the Mets. Until 1978, the Jets could not play their first home game until the Mets’ season was finished. For instance, in 1969, the defending Super Bowl champion Jets didn’t play a home game until October 20 due to the Mets advancing to (and winning) the World Series. This fact I’m quite aware of since I’m currently replaying the 1969 season. Mark’s game last night was the first one to be played on this field and what a game it was! I felt like a ten year old boy again listening to Merle Harmon call play-by-play each time I received an update via text.

I highly recommend reviewing Mark’s historical/replay synopsis, scoring summary, team and individual statistics of this game between two rival divisional foes. 

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