APBA Football Master Game (Intro to Keying)

Discussed keying a runner or double covering a receiver. Briefed this feature is not allowed during a blitz.  Explained which defense personnel packages and alignments are allowed to  key the run or pass.  Briefed exceptions to line changes and result if runner or receiver is keyed correctly.

2 thoughts on “APBA Football Master Game (Intro to Keying)

  1. Why not just always opt to key/double cover? Am I right in thinking there is no risk? The reward is a two-line change but there doesn’t appear to be any detriment of guessing incorrectly.

    • In a F-T-F game this applies, because there is no risk for the defense. This does not apply to a solitaire game because by keying every down you would really skew the offensive stats. Line changes are more important to a F-T-F game because the primary purpose is to win the game. When playing solo, you are the offensive coordinator for each team, so in reality the statistics mirroring actuals are more important.

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