APBA Football Translation, Part 1.

This morning I kicked off the Thanksgiving game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Dallas Cowboys in my 1998 NFL replay. Since it’s been a while since I made an “intro” video I wanted to see what YouTube had to offer. Instead I found myself watching clips of the sensational Randy Moss and without even thinking, my mind automatically translated what my eyes saw into APBA Football language. For those of you that share the same affliction as me, sit back and enjoy the video clip. To those folks new to APBA Football, let’s use this as a teaching point to better understand the intricacies of the Master game.

The Minnesota Vikings offense has a pass rating of 51 and run rating of 47. The Dallas Cowboys defense has a 37/38 (pass/run) resulting in Minnesota being in” A” index for both the run and pass. For the sake of this example, we will assume a “Short Pass” play was called in the huddle.

Pro Football Terminology                      APBA Football Terminology

Offensive Personnel: 21                          APBA Offensive Personnel: 21

Formation: Slot Queen or Slot Weak    APBA Formation: Pro Set

Defensive Personnel: Base                      APBA Defensive Personnel: Standard

Defensive Alignment: 4-3 (Over G)      APBA Defensive Personnel: 4-3 Standard

Pro-Set vs 4-3

If this was a Face to Face (F-T-F) game, the offensive coach would have said “Pro-Set” and placed his “Short Pass” card and Randy Moss’s card face-down on the tabletop. For Solo play, the coach would have either used the Locator table or manually selected the intended receiver (Randy Moss). No play card is required, just visualize “Short Pass – A index – Randy Moss”.

Pro-Set vs 4-3, #2

At the time of the snap, Dallas defenders are coming with an all-out blitz. In F-T-F play this is the same as once the offensive coach places the play card and player’s card face down, the defensive coach calls the personnel, alignment (D, S, or G), blitz or goal line, etc. The above scenario would be “Standard, D alignment, blitz or “Standard Blitz”. In APBA Football the defense is automatically in D alignment whenever there is a blitz. If this was solo play, the coach would visualize Short Pass – A index – Randy Moss – D alignment – Blitz.

Pro-Set vs 4-3, #3

The Offensive coach rolls the dice (equivalent of snapping the ball) and the defensive coach goes to the Short Pass boards, Offensive 15 yard line to defensive 31-yard line, A index, column associated with Quarters 2-3.

Pro-Set vs 4-3, #4

The dice roll was 33. The offensive coach looks at Dice Roll (DR) 3 on Randall Cunningham’s card and the Play Result (PR) is 3. Since it was a blitz, the defensive coach will “drop 2-lines” to determine if the pass was still complete. If it was still complete, the defensive coach will “raise 2-lines” above original PR (i.e., the 5 is now read as a 1) and read the result.

Pro-Set vs 4-3, #5

The PR is a TD resulting in a 56-yard catch and run touchdown.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Select watch this video on Youtube.

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