My Next Replay Effort

After back-to-back replays from the late 1990s, it is time to switch eras and play some “ground and pound” 1970 style football. With that said, I will be conducting a 1974 NFL replay using a card set created by Mark Zarb several years ago. Although I’ve previously replayed the AFC schedule, I’m looking forward to incorporating all my “innovations and lessons learned” from the last several years of full season replays.

I remember this season like it was yesterday. I was in six grade and lived and died with the Jets each week. This was the last season that Joe Namath was still an “elite” quarterback and the Jets finished the season with six straight wins to finish with a 7-7-0 record. Without question, they were the hottest team in the AFC. It will be a joy to play with the “Steel Curtain”, “Purple People Eaters”, “Snake” Stabler, Tarkenton, and Staubach just name a few.

The other reason why I want to replay this season is because everyone that I’ve ever loved on this earth was alive and vibrant during the “74” campaign. I’m going to dedicate this replay to the memory of each and everyone one of them.

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