Introducing – Dave Urban

I’m proud to introduce the newest author to the site, Mr. Dave Urban. I always consider Joe Bonamassa to be the greatest guitar player that no one knows and that is exactly how I feel about Dave Urban with regard to APBA Football.

Dave created cards for APBA baseball and football, including making ratings for the game company’s football game under a signed contract for several years.  He retired from this duty a few years ago and signed a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting him from selling any teams for Football or Baseball.

An interesting tidbit about Dave, on August 25, 1981, he wrote a letter to Dick Seitz and told him his idea for a new football game containing the screen pass, medium pass, draw play the different offense and defensive sets.  On September 17, 1981, Dave received a letter from Seitz informing him that all of his suggested improvements would be incorporated into the new game.  In 1982, Dick Seitz used all of Dave’s ideas and produced the Master game that we play today.  Never the wallflower, Dave voiced his displeasure at the fact that his old sets would not be compatible with the new game rendering them obsolete. Seitz responded saying that he thought he would be happy with new game because it had everything that he wanted. In addition, it was Dave who informed Seitz about the walk and stolen base system that APBA Baseball now uses.

On behalf of myself, Mark Zarb and Ray Dunlap, I would like to welcome you to the team and we are looking forward to reading your contributions with regard to APBA Football history and whatever other topics you want to discuss.


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