In the History of APBA football there have been 4 major changes or what I call the levels of APBA Football.  The first level was the 1957-1964  years.  In those years players rated 1 started, the formula was keyed to what Mr. Seitz (the original owner) used, which centered around the lines used on defense.  Example: Steve Van Buren of the 1949 Eagles card was made against a 7 man line.  Lenny Moore of the 1958 Colts was on the 4 man line defense.  The long pass offense was full of 50+ yard completions.

In 1965 research was in progress to create a more accurate card calculating system, however it was not completed and the mess known as the 1965 football season was created. The second level.

1966-1981 the  third level had 1st down plus yardage for short passes and the yards for long passes were decreased, cards were calculated based on the average line.

In 1982 the fourth level which is close to what have today with the different plays and setups was created.  The 1966-81 A index disappeared and the B Index became the A index, C became the new B index and a new C index was created.  At first the cards and games resulted in some awfully high scores, one was 80-70.  APBA did and still does refinements to this day to make it more accurate.

Dave U


  1. Ron, Dave has been kind enough to accept my invitation as an “author” on my site. He will be offering historical inputs and anything else that interests him.

  2. Dave is such a font of knowledge. I can’t wait to publish my old interview with him in my upcoming book on some of the legends of APBA. He packed a ton of information into hour two-hour talk.

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