CARDING High School, College and Pro Football teams

Each category of football contains certain criteria to create cards and teams for APBA Football.

High School:

There are over 15,000 high school football teams in the United States and this offers a great latitude of ratings.  When rating a team, one must look at the level of play each team has, such as State Division 1 (Best), 2, 3,4 or 5 ( worst), some states reverse the order making it 5 to 1 or more.  How a school is ranked by the media in the state and nationally.  The schedule the team plays.  and finally the scoring difference in the victories.  Going undefeated is a big plus.  Currently I have made 34 high school teams.  The best total offense and defense is 104 points and the worst is 16.  The best offense goes to 2013 Aledo Bearcats of Texas with 53 points and the best defense goes to 2016 IMG Academy Ascenders of Florida with a 53. All state teams and conference teams also are used.  Marist Royal Knights of NJ has an 8 offense and an 8 defense, some players were rated (0). I played 2014 Bishop Gorman Gaels the national champions against Marist.  Bishop Gorman won 109-0 holding Marist to 10 yards and BG gaining almost 600 yards.

I have researched over 100 teams of the past and present.


College has great leeway in ratings with Division Bowl, Championship, Two, Three and the lower levels. The best defense is a 49 by a number of teams and the best offense was a 49 by the 2005 Southern Cal Trojans.  Ratings for cards come from All Conference teams, All American, etc.  Rankings by BCS and the media is part of the equation.  For example the basic rating for undefeated 2004 Harvard is a 24 offense and a 22 defense. 1987 Oklahoma had a 46 offense and a 48 defense.  I have made over an estimate of 100 great college teams including some conferences.


The leeway is tighter because you are dealing with 32 teams, so the difference between the top and lowest teams are not as great as College or High School.  The last two years saw APBA low ball the ratings, I am not sure if this is the new trend by the company.  2017 will determine new trend or temporary change.  The CFL, WFL, USFL and some of the 1930’s AFL teams are handled similar to the present NFL.  I have made over an estimate 100 of the Pro teams.



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