Introducing – “Ray’s Rulings”

At least five times a week, I will receive an email from a variety of people asking me a “statisticians” type question. For example, “Does the offensive team receive credit for a third down conversion resulting from a defensive penalty?” “How do I correctly score Rare Play 7-5?” ”Is a first down awarded on a touchdown?” I still run across situations where I’m scratching my head on how to properly score something that occurred during the course of a game. To assist with this matter, I’ve enlisted the help of an expert in this area.

APBA Hall of Famer, Mr. Ray Dunlap, was chief statistician for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1981 thru 1987. Ray has been kind enough to volunteer his time to answer any “statisticians-type” question anyone in the APBA Football community might have. Ray will be authoring a post titled “ASK RAY” and filing it under “Ray’s Rulings” category. If you have a question, just look at the CATEGORIES widget (left-hand sidebar of site), scroll down to “Ray’s Rulings”, click on the hyperlink and locate the ASK RAY post. Ask him your question by clicking on the Comment icon which is directly to the right of the ASK Ray title. I will be compiling questions that I’ve received and asking him but to really have a comprehensive library it will require everyone’s participation.

3 thoughts on “Introducing – “Ray’s Rulings”

  1. Ray, a few questions:
    1. Time of Possession – is a punt on 4th down attributed to the kicking teams TOP.
    2. Is a sack and the minus yardage it’s own stat or does it come off the passing or rushing stats?
    3. Last, a QB scramble, I assume, is a rushing stat, correct?
    Thanks, Ray

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