Here is a college FB powerhouse that I created and see how they matchup with today’s modern teams.

1995 Nebraska is my and many others choice as the greatest college football team ever.

Nebraska Cornhuskers finished the season with a 12-0 record outscoring opponents by a 638 to 174 points. This team beat undefeated Florida for the national title by a 62-24 score.  The closet anyone got to be Nebraska was Washington, Nebraska won 35-21.

Stars of Nebraska offense were: (using highlight passing and running numbers ,not all the numbers).

QB-Tommie Frazier (5) 6-2/205/SR completing 56.4% with 1362 yards and 17 TD and just 4 intercepted.

Passing numbers were: one-1, two 2’s, two-5’s, one-6, two 7’s , two 8’s, two 9’s, 3-10’s and 1-12.  Rushing numbers for the 6.1 yard avg. were 3-Ks, 9-15s, 2-16s, 4-17s and 6-18s.

Runners like

Jeff Makovicka FB (4) V:4/5 5-10/215/SR running numbers of 1-K, 7-4s, 2-6s, 2-8s and 2-10s.

Ahman Green HB (5) V:4/5 6-1/210/FR running numbers of 3-Ks, 9-15s, 1-16, 5-17s.

Clester Johnson receiver (3) was a B-4  5-11/210/SR

Reggie Baul receiver (3) was a C-3 5-8/170/SR

Mark Gilman tight end (5) was a C-3 6-3/240/SR

Aaron Graham Center (5) 6-4/285/SR

Aaron Taylor Guard (5) 6-1/295/SO

Steve Ott Guard (3) 6-4/275/SR

Chris Dishman OT (5) 6-2/300/JR

Eric Anderson OT (5) 6-4/290/SO

Offense rating: Basic 48, Master 47 Pass, 49 run.


Free Safety Tony Veland (5) 6-2/205/SR w-2; Mike Minter Strong Safety (4) 5-10/180/JR w-4, Mike Booker CB (4) 6-2/190/JR w-4; Tyrone Williams CB (5) FS (5) 6-0/180/SR w-2 with int return numbers of 6-2s etc.; Doug Coleman MLB (4) (OLB (4) 6-3/240/SR w-2; Jay Foreman OLB (3) 6-2/200/SO; Terrell Farley OLB (5) MLB (5) W-4 6-1/205/JR; Christian Peter DT (5); 6-2.290,SR; Jason Peter DT (3) V:3/4 6-4/280/SO; Jared Tomich DE (5) 6-2/250/SR and Grant Wistrom DE (5) (OLB (5) 6-5/235/SO

Defense Rating: Basic 48, Master 48 Pass, 49 run.

Some offense second stringers; Lawrence Phillips HB (4) FB (4) 6-0/215/JR with running numbers  of 3-Ks , 9-15s 1-16, 4-17s etc.  Clinton Childs HB (4) 6-0/215/SR with running numbers of 3-Ks, 8-15s, 2-16s, 4-17s etc.

A powerful football team and winners of two of my tournaments of great college FB teams.






  1. 1995 Neb

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