The highest single season scoring team in the history of high school football is the 2013 Aledo Bearcats of Texas with 1023 Points in 16 games.  The Bearcats scored 1023 and gave up 140 points and was part of three consecutive state champions.  In this season the team scored 60+ points 9 times and gave 7 or less points in 8 games.  When I contacted the school for the stats, I was overwhelmed as to how many players took part in the season.

The carded team begins with the offense:

QB Luke Bishop (5) 5-9/165/JR passing 70.5% complete with 37 TDs and only 2 Int. Rushing was 755 yards and a 10.2 avg.  Passing numbers (highlight not all numbers) were:  two-1s, two-2s, four-3s, two-7s, three-8s. Rushing  numbers (highlights not all numbers) 3-Ks, six-3s, eleven 15s.

FB Jess Anders (5) 5-8/160/JR rushing for 1521 yards and 8.5 avg. B/C-3. Running: 3-Ks, nine-15s, 5-16s.

HB Daythan Davis (5) 6-2/225/SR rushing for 684 yards at 7.8 avg. C-1, Running: 3-Ks, 7-15s, 5-16s and 3-17s.

HB/WR/QB (5)(5)(4) 5-9/165/JR rushing for 783 yards at 9.5 avg. Returning 7 of 14 kickoffs for TDs with a 31.7 avg, and 1 punt return TD on 7 returns for a 40.9 punt return avg. running numbers: one-2, 11-15s, 7-16s,

WR Taco Anderson (5) 5-10/170/SR 57 receptions A-5

TE John Whatley (5) 6-0/196/SR 33 Rec for an A-4

Offense line Caleb Buchanan Center (5) 5-10/215/SR,  Ernie McQuade Guard (5) 6-2/265/SR, Wes Harris Guard (4) 6-3/295/FR, Preston Bradham OT (4) 5-11/281/SR and Hunter Harris OT (5) 6-0/230/SO.

Basic and master offense: 53


Brook Parker (FS-5) w-1 5-11/173/SR, RC Anderson (SS-3) 5-9/171/SR, Jonathan Durham (CB-5) 5-11/160/JR, Johnny Carter (CB-5) w-1 5-9/165/SR, Tyson Mauser (MLB-5) w-2 5-8/170/SR, Matt Hawkins (OLB-5) w-3 qs-1 5-11/175/SR, Jordan Mittie (OLB-5) qs-8 6-3/230/SR, Tristan Stary (DT-5) qs-4 5-11/195/SR, Cory Stitle (DT-5) qs-3 6-1/260/SR, Zach HAYES (DE-4) qs-5 5-11/210/SR, Ray Hart (DE-5) qs-3 5-9/195/SR

Basic and master defense: 52

Benchers: HB Mallory 11.5 avg. per carry, Vidrine 7.2 avg., Primera 8.8 avg. QB Reed with 62% complete, rushing for 6.8 yard per carry.  Kickers: Parker Shaunfield with 2 XP 0 missed and 12 of 14 FGs made, longest was 48 yards.  Chance Navarez was 132 out of 132 XP with no FG attempts.  The punter Garrett Uhl punted 11 times the whole season for a 37.1 average.

This team had incredible speed and crushed all playoff opponents including the semi-final and final championship by crushing blow outs.

Because there are over 15,500 high school teams in the country the ratings have to be wide spread between the Super Elite, Elite, Excellent, Good, Average, below average, poor and very poor teams.


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  1. First, I want to say I love how you card these great high school teams and want to thank you for sharing. What a team! They will be a lot of fun to play with. I found it interesting to read that you contacted the school? Do you do that for all of the teams that you card?

  2. I research high school and college teams by using College web sites, Max Preps (HS), newspapers of the town the team plays in (some like Westfield NJ town newspaper had complete stats after every game including lineups), the school itself, either by e-mail contact, web site or calling of the school (for example I called West Point to obtain the 1944 Army stats. During the USFL season of 1984, I called the Houston Gamblers for their stats and got to talk to Mouse Davis the coach. Anything and everything I can research, I do.

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