Introducing “Innovation Friday”

One of the great things about this hobby is the ability to “add features” that not only enhance realism but adds to the gaming experience. The goal for “Innovation Friday” is to introduce new innovations and revisit old ones from the archives. If you have an innovation that you would like to share with the community, please, email me during the week at I will introduce the innovation and encourage healthy dialogue between patrons of this site to address the “pros and cons” in a respectful manner.

4 thoughts on “Introducing “Innovation Friday”

  1. This is not a fully fleshed out innovation but I’m toying with implementing a home field advantage. I’ve just gotten back into the football game after several years away. I plan to use the floating index. For the home field advantage I plan to add 3 points to the home teams offense and defense point totals. I would appreciate the APBA football experts opinions on this.


  2. Oguard – a few of my homebrewed “innovations” –
    1. Audibles are based by QB rating, with a 3 pt being the baseline:
    3 pt = 4 audibles, one per quarter as the game rules indicate
    4 pt = 5 audibles, one per quarter as the game rules indicate + one additional to use whenever
    5 pt = 6 audibles, one per quarter as the game rules indicate + two additional to use whenever
    2 pt = 3 audibles, one per quarter, quarter’s 1-3; none in the 4th
    1 pt = 2 audibles, one per half (either quarter of each half

    Fumble recoveries and Interception Returns
    Based on defensive points, the higher the point (a 4 or 5 compared to a 2 or 3 for example) the greater the chance (have to roll a die) to give the gamer the OPTION not to roll for a return; can fall on it and take zero for the return, but eliminate the possibility of a fumble. I can send you the grid if you like.

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