A number of years ago I created Coaching cards for the legends of College and Pro football.

The card basically looks like this:

BUD                                                                                                                                                  WILKINSON



For every game this coach plays, the general manager (human coach)  may increase  either the team’s offense by the number on the card or the defense number for a single quarter in the game only. Example: the offense Total of 1956 Oklahoma is 48 and the defense total of 2015 Ohio State is 43, meaning a B index for 1956 Oklahoma.  However the human coach decides to use the Wilkinson coaching card offense in the 3rd quarter making it Oklahoma 51 Index giving the  team an A index in the 3rd quarter. The card can’t be used anymore for offense or defense.  If the human coach used the defense rating on the card, in this case a +3 for example in the fourth quarter, then 1956 Oklahoma defense goes to 51 and puts the Ohio State offense of 41 into a C index in the fourth quarter.  The card is used for offense or defense only and for one quarter, you can’t use the card for offense and defense in the same game.

For example other ratings: Knute Rockne +3 Off, +3 Def; Red Blaik +3/+3; John McKay +2/+2; Frank Leahy +3/+3; Tom Osborne Off +3/+2; Woody Hayes +2/+2; Paul Bryant +3/+3; Lou Saban +3/+3.

For Pro Teams for example: Vince Lombardi +3/+3; George Halas +3/+3 and Bill Belichick +3/+3.

3 thoughts on “COACHING CARDS

  1. I like this idea. Seems like you could incorporate the same logic for a home field advantage? Thoughts….

    • Besides the comment on adding a point for home field advantage, you can use weather for OUTSIDE RUNNING, INSDIE RUNNING and MEDIUM/LONG PASS plays, if the weather is snow, ice or heavy rain, drop lines 1-18 result numbers by two lines. Example: a outside running result of 3 becomes a 5 on ice, snow or heavy rain.

  2. Yes add 1 point for every home game to Offense and Defense ratings. If you use master game add 1 point for every P or R rating.

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