MONTREAL ALOUETTES 2009 one of Canadian Football League’s Best

Over the years I have made all sorts of teams and leagues, one of which was the CFL.   The Montreal Alouettes, and are considered one of the CFL’s greatest.  Montreal finished the regular season with a15-3 record and won the Gray Cup-CFL Title. The team scored 600 points, (1st in the League) and gave up 324 points (1st in defense) in the League. The Alouettes was lead by Anthony Calvillo the greatest QB in Pro Football CFL and history and one of the best  in any Pro Football league.  Calvillo lifetime had 9.437 attempts, 5,892 completions for a 62.4% Pct. with a world record of 79,816 yards which included 455 TD passes.  Rushing wise (in the CFL the QB is considered as one of the runners), Calvillo had 3.658 yards rushing for a 5.4 Avg., 34 TDs and a long run of 53 yards.

In 2009 Anthony Calvillo (5)  completed 72.0% for 4639 yards, 26 TDs, 6 Int. while rushing for 198 yards anda 6.2 average.

His partial passing numbers for the 6-1, 197 lb. graduate of Utah State USA was one 2, two 3’s, one 5 and two 6’s. with 15.5 other completions. Running numbers were: six 15s and one 2.

Aaron Cobourne (4) had 1214 yards rushing for a 5.4 average with 56 receptions for 458 yards.  five 15’s, 2 K’s and four 16’s.  He is 5-8, 209 lb. and played at West Virginia in college.

Brian Bratton (2) received 58 passes for 613 yards is 5-10, 186 lbs and played college at Furman.

Ben Cahoon (5) wide receiver had 89 receptions for 1031 yards.  Ben is 5-9 and weighed 179 lbs. playing college ball for BYU.

Kerry Watkins (4) wide receiver was 4/3 master game caught 81 passes for 1242 yards and weighed  in at 189 at 5-11 and played college ball at Georgia Tech.

Jamel Richardson Tight End (4) caught 85 passes for 1055 yards and weighed 215 lbs at 6-3 and played college ball for Victor Valley College.

WHEN playing CFL teams a 12th man must be used on offense and defense- Larry Taylor was that man with 7 receptions, but also was the return man for punts and kickoffs.  Punts has to be returned in CFL, no fair catch.  Taylor is 5-6, 177 lbs. and played for Connecticut University in college.

Offensive line had Bryan Chiu (C-4) 6-2, 287, Washington State, Scott Flory (G-5) 6-4, 290, Saskatchewan UIniversity, Paul Lambert (G-2) (V:3/2) 6-4, 295, Western Michigan, Josh Bourke (T-4) 6-7, 315, Grand Valley State and Jeff Perrett (T-2) 6-7, 320, Tulsa.

Defense: Matt Proulx SS(4) 6-0, 202, Laval; Jerald Brown FS(3) 5-11, 185, Glennville State (WV); Mark Estelle (CB-4) 5-9, 180, Utah State; Davis Sanchez (CB-3) 5-10, 190 Oregon, WHEN playing in CFL a 12th defender must be used-Billy Parker FS(3) 6-0, 195, William & Mary, Shea Emry (MLB-3) 6-1, 235, UBC, Chip Cox ( OLB-4) 5-9, 194, Ohio, Diamond Ferri (OLB-3) 5-10, 223, UBC, Eric Wilson (T-3) 6-4, 290, Michigan, Kenon Williams (T-4) 6-1, 265, Massachusetts, John Bowman (E-4) 6-3, 255, Wingate and  Anwar Stewart (E-5) 6-3, 245, Kentucky.

The CFL has some amazing rules, a kickoff for a TB is a point for the kicking team, each team has 3 downs to get a first down, the football field is 110 yards long.

In the past when USA pro team would play the CFL, each half would follow the  rules of the other league.



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